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JDS Research, Hebrew, Purposeful Leadership, Strategic Planning, Vision/ Direction Setting
A New Tense for Hebrew: Past, Present and Possible 20 case studies of Jewish day schools about how schools enact their Jewish...
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General Studies, Pedagogical Approaches, JDS Research
2012 and 2015 research by the AVI CHAI Foundation on the online/blended learning practices of Jewish day schools.
JDS Research
2007 AVI CHAI report on Jewish day school principal salaries.
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Admissions, JDS Research
Censuses of Jewish Day Schools in the United States published by the AVI CHAI Foundation. Reports include data on number of...
Recruitment & Retention of Teachers, Professional Development, JDS Research
A 2001 article by Sharon Feiman- Nemser ( Michigan State University) describes how one exemplary support teacher defines and...
Professional Development, JDS Research
2006 article published in the Journal for Jewish Education by Susan S Stodolsky, Gail Zaiman Dorph and Sharon Feiman Nemser about...
Instructional Leadership, Recruitment & Retention of Teachers, JDS Research
Article published in the Journal for Jewish Education by Sarah Birkeland and Sharon Feiman- Nemser about effective new teacher...
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Hiring, Contract Negotiation, Leadership Search, JDS Research
2015 Ravsak study on the salaries of Heads of Community day schools.
Recruitment & Retention of Teachers, JDS Research
Large scale study published by JESNA in 2007, authored by Dr. Jeffrey Kress and Dr. Michael Ben Avie that collected descriptive...
Israel education, JDS Research
A research brief published by CASJE, authored by Alex Sinclar, Bradley Solmsen and Clair Goldwater. This brief exploes, what are...
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